Typical applications

  • Motorization: workshops, hangars
  • Industry: shopfloors, industrial plants, warehouses
  • Agriculture: farm buildings

Technical data

  • Heating power (gross)* [kW]: 34
  • Heating power (net)** [kW]: 22
  • Efficiency [%]: 65,6
  • Air flow [m3/h]: 1200
  • Power supply [V/Hz]: 230/50
  • Weight [kg]: 240
  • Fuel: wood
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) [mm]: 1100x720x1165
  • Chimney connection diameter [mm]: Ø150
  • Ventilation connection diameter [mm]: Ø395
  • Fuel consumption per hour  [kg/h]:  7,7

* the total heat load resulting from the combustion of fuel loading

**thermal power for heating the room

General characteristics

  • Casing coated with high temperature powder
  • Refractory bricks in the combustion chamber to increase heat accumulation
  • Left or right side fixation of air fan
  • Protecting glove included
  • Simple design for trouble-free operation
  • Allows heating of rooms with a maximum surface area 185-200m2
  • Meets the requirements of European directives 2006/95 / EC, 2004/108 / EC, 89/106 / EC
  • It is compatible with the following standards: EN 60335-1 EN 60335-2-102 EN 13240
  • The performance of heaters and compliance with the relevant standards have been confirmed by notified laboratory
  • Made in Poland


SHT heater used to heat the premises in which it is installed. The device is used to burn wood from deciduous trees inside the combustion chamber, so that the resulting thermal energy. Burning fuel heated mainly tubular heat exchanger through which air is pumped by fan. As a result of the flow through the heat exchanger air temperature rises. The heat is dissipated into the environment also by the housing of the device.

The byproduct of the combustion process are gases and ashes. The exhaust gases are discharged from the device outside the building by installing a chimney, and the ashes sent to the ash box.

PRICE: 1190.- EUR  incl.VAT 

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