Manual setter for band-saw blades Wirex ZO-1

Setter for band-saws (blades) type WOOD is designed for manual setting (bending out) the teeth-one tooth on the right, and after putting blade on the other side, second tooth on the left.

Producers of the blades type WOOD recommend applying setting in the right- left- straight cycle. Blades set on the left and on the right are cutting blades while straight blades remove shavings and sawdust during sawing.

Size of setting teeth should be selected depending on hardness of processing wood Applied blades „BANSO” have following parameters:

  • thickness 1,1 mm,
  • width 38 mm,
  • scale 22 mm,
  • depth of notch 5,5 ÷ 6,0 mm.

We recommend as hardened and tempered.

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